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Beard Balm Benefits

Why Smoke Wagon beard balm?  Do I really need it?  Does it honestly work?  Those are great questions that we get asked all the time.  The short answer is yes, beard balm really is that great!  More importantly, our balms are a NECESSITY for men and women alike (yes, women) for healthy hair and skin. Our balms condition beards and other bodily hair. Deep penetration helps to moisturize hair follicles and allows shape to your beard. Our balms were tested on our own family for months (I might add here that most of us men sport a pretty rockin' facial armor) before we settled on the purest and natural organic blend of essential oils. We believe it's the best beard balm on the market. Smoke Wagon balms are meant to condition, soften and nourish your beard and skin while leaving a non-greasy shine with a pleasant and natural scent. Also, try our balms to hydrate your tattoos!

  • Make a manly beard, goatee or mustache even more awesome!

  • Are oil need to decide between beard oil vs beard balm

  • Benefit women who also love our product for their, uhhh, nether regions

  • Help your beard, mustache or goatee grow fuller, longer and stronger

  • Help to reduce beard dandruff

  • Formulate the best scents and product names

  • Help to reduce itchy beard and skin rash from dry skin

  • Act as a moisturizer for your skin

  • Allow you to style your beard, mustache or goatee as desired

  • Have ingredients that are responsibly sourced, natural and USA based

  • Condition hair and skin without leaving a greasy residue

  • Naturally nourish hair and skin

  • Protect your beard from harsh elements, especially during colder weather


100% natural ingredients, responsibly sourced in the USA. Our pure beard balm formulations have no unnecessary fillers.


Our Recipe: Proprietary natural oil blend, vitamin E, essential oils and fragrance.

PLEASE NOTE: Even though our ingredients are all natural and of the purest available quality, allergic reactions do exist to many natural products.  Please be responsible and test our product in a very small amount prior to daily use to ensure compatibility.

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