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Beard Balm

Premium Quality Beard Balm

Smoke Wagon Beard Balms solve the nagging question of beard oil vs beard balm. We wanted our beard balm to be simple to apply and quick on the draw with no confusing ruminations about oil or balm.


Our Balms moisturize hair follicles, soften skin and allow shape and growth to your beard. Our all-in-one Balms were tested on our own family for months before we settled on the purest and natural organic blend of essential oils (I might add here that most of us men sport a pretty rockin' facial armor). According to our customers and clients, it's the best beard balm on the market.

Our Goat's Milk Beard Wash continues to please. Regular soaps and shampoos will dry out your beard and the skin underneath, causing itching and dandruff. Our Beard Wash will take care of that! Just check out our reviews!


Smoke Wagon Balms are meant to condition, soften and nourish your beard and skin while leaving a non-greasy shine with a pleasant and natural scent. Our beard balm is the ONLY all-in-one solution to that manly scruff...infused essential oil beard balm! Throw down with our top reviewed beard balms for men with facial armor.  With flavors like "Panty Dropper", "Savage" and "Greek God", your better half will be just as pleased as your manly scraggle.


Smoke Wagon Balms aren't just for the manliest of men either, the women love them too (if you know what we mean!).  So why not give it a try, thrown down now and getcha the best beard balm this side of Tombstone!

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