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  Our Beard Balm products are proudly handmade in Amarillo, Texas.




       from a dream, to reality...       


Our beard balms and beard wash are HANDMADE right here in our hometown of Amarillo, Texas, AMERICA!  We take this product extremely serious because beards are serious. Let's face it, you took pride in growing that rocking face armor. We know there are other balms out there and they want your business also. We admit some of those other balms are a quality product. Here's the deal though-ours is better! Smoke Wagon Beard Balms are oil-infused; no need to buy a balm and oil separately.


If you love our product, we would love to know about it and honestly, we'd also like you to tell your friends! We guarantee 100% satisfaction! Our goal is to provide the best oil-infused balm for your beard, mustache or goatee. While you're at it, try our outstanding Smoke Wagon Beard Wash. It will keep your beard looking great, stays super soft, grows fuller and thicker, and leaves a great smell that is appealing to you and those important people in your life.


Now, "Throw Down Boy" and put some SMOKE WAGON ON!

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