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Have a scent for every bearded brother out there and the best customer service!

Excellent consistency and the scents are great.

I've been let down by a lot of beard balms. They just seem to either lack in scent or consistency.

Smoke Wagon Beard Balm is what a beard balm should be.

The folks that make this are great people and they are putting out a great product.

Order a few different scents and give it a try.... you'll be glad you did.

I had heard great things about these products and love supporting local businesses. I purchased a sample pack because I wasn't sure on which scent I would like the most. This is where I become a little disappointed (sarcasm), because they are all very appealing and not overwhelming!!! The balm is great, leaves beard soft without any residual oily feeling. I work outside in construction and some products make your beard a dirt magnet, not this stuff. Great job Smoke Wagon!!!!

I got the trial pack a bit ago. I don't have a big beard. Just goatee and mustache. I have been using a wax in my mustache but wasn't a big fan of the way it looked or felt. This product is amazing because it softens my facial hair enough that it sits where I'd like it to but looks healthy and shiny instead of looking like it's rigid and stiff.

My 2 favorite scents are law man and man candy.

The people that run this company are extremely nice and helpful. I highly recommend anything they have if you want your beard to look healthy and tame.

This is some great stuff! The soap works excellent as does the balm! The balm is a little thicker than I was used to but after a few days of use I love it! Holds much better than most other balms and oils and doesn't leave a bad residue or smell after its been on for a few hours! Also a little goes a long way! My wife appreciates the good scents as well particularly these scents (Centerfold, Law Man, Man Candy, Old Chaps Poker Table)!

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