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6 pack of Goat's Milk Beard Wash

6 pack of Goat's Milk Beard Wash


Buy in bulk and save!  

Is your beard dry, coarse, and full of FUNK? Do you just grab the wife's shampoo and wash your face armor? Do you feel like your beard can't get clean? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then buddy you need Smoke Wagon's Goat's Milk Soap Beard Wash. Made with Goat's Milk due to the facts that Goat's Milk removes the bad oils from your beard without stripping all of the good oils. A clean smelling beard wash that will leave your beard feeling soft, manageable, and healthy. Take the bar and begin to rub it on your beard and you will be amazed at how much lather is created. This soap does not lather in your hands but when it touches your beard you will look like the abdominal snowman.

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