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6 Pack of ANTI-Swamp ASS Body Wash

6 Pack of ANTI-Swamp ASS Body Wash


Buy in bulk and save! 6 pack of ANTI-SWAMP ASS BODY WASH, for those that want to share the love or for those that WORK FOR A LIVING and have daily SWAMP ASS!

Swamp ass can occur during periods of intense physical activity. It is a condition where your ass becomes sweaty giving you the feeling that your ass is actually in a swamp. If not treated swamp ass can lead to a more serious condition so we developed the ANTI-SWAMP ASS BODY WASH. This body wash will clean that swamp ass right up. Remember folks no one likes a swamp ass, make sure to use Smoke Wagon's ANTI-SWAMP ASS BODY WASH


Made of hemp oil with the scent of an old barber shop

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