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"Sample Pack"

"Sample Pack"


Sample Pack, includes the following 13 scents in 3-gram amounts.  Sample Pack also includes a smaller version bar of the Goat’s Milk Beard Wash.  This is a popular gift pack and makes a perfect MAN GIFT or Stocking stuffer.  The Sample Pack allows a person to try different scents and decide which ones are for him.  Included is 3-gram amounts of:  Lumberjack, Man Candy, Leather and Lace, Centerfold, Old Chaps Poker Table, Grandpa’s Sweet Pipe, Fire and Ice, Panty Dropper, Greek God, Morning Grind (soon to be discontinued), Valor, Damned Ol’ Hippie, Law-Man.  Not included in the sample pack at this time is: 1881, Texas Troubadour, Molon Labe

Can't decide which balm you want? Try all 13 scented beard balms with this sampler pack, including our popular Beard Wash Bar that is sure to clean even the manliest of beards.  New sampler pack includes ALL of our balm flavors!

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